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Aura Readings - Medium

Each of us has an aura or energy field that surrounds us. Gina can see and read the colors in your aura and tell you what they mean about you and your life. While seeing these colors information is psychically interpreted about how these energies influence the circumstances of your life.

As Edgar Cayce states “The aura is the weathervane of the soul”. Past life connections and energetic patterns we repeat may also reveal itself in our energy fields. There are many underlying energies, sometimes-inner conflict running beneath that we are not consciously aware of. These energies can block us or cause problems in our lives today, impeding us from having what we want.

A reading can help you understand the patterns, dynamics, and driving energies within. We can then see with more clarity, align with our highest good, choose from a clear space, and move ahead with more perspective and power.


As a medium, Gina is able to communicate with people who have crossed over. Connecting with a loved one can help bring more peace and understanding to your heart.

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