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Classes on Trusting and Developing Your Intuition
Currently these classes are only being offered online until further notice.

As a professional intuitive I hear all the time people questioning their intuition. Am I making this up in my mind? How do I know it's my intuition? How can I improve and connect with it more? These classes help you develop your intuitive connection in a safe, no pressure, fun and supportive environment. Each class is unique and its own class. We follow the energy of spirit and the group.

We do a meditation, an intuitive exercise and we practice hands on reading someone in the group (volunteer).  There always seems to be a variety of cool things that magically happen in these classes as people are opening to their gifts and inner soul connection.  In this supportive environment, people are able to tap into their intuition and trust themselves more.  New friends are made as people bond.

Each class is $30. At this time these classes are only being offered online Through Zoom until further notice, you can attend whenever you like. If you are interested in attending or have any questions, call or text Gina at (773) 655-6823. Classes are Central time USA.

Intuitive Online Zoom Class 2024 Schedule

July 11th and Oct. 10th - 7pm to 9pm (central time)

Contact Gina for reservations:
(773) 655-6823   (Call or text)  

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