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Client Testimonials

"Over the years you have consistently given accurate, helpful information. Thank you so much! I would recommend your readings to anyone!" - Pam H.

"Gina Griffiths is the real deal.  She genuinely connects with Spirit to relay information--the truth one

needs to hear--with love, humor, and compassion.  It is a blessing in this world that we get to benefit

from Gina's gifts." - Josephine J.

"I have enjoyed and experienced great benefits from Gina’s readings for 8 years – more or less often depending upon the events and issues that present in my life. Gina’s intuitive gift and insights, as well as her loving, caring nature, has been a comfort and support to me. Enlightening, soothing and supportive as she is, Gina has been a valued force, a treasured presence in my life and for my personal expansion.

Gina is a unique treasure, not only for humans; her connection with our animals is exceptional and thereby healing to our whole family." - Eve 
as pure as it gets.

Gina is truly God's gift to this world. She connects deeply with your loved ones who have passed over and relays such beautiful and genuine messages from them to you that bring you to tears but also give u so much Joy that you actually feel their presence and closeness abundantly. All her transmissions and channeled messages are from her heart and she takes her time without hurrying through her reading. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a genuine intuitive reading as she is very kind, supportive and real. Gina also has a gorgeous calming voice and she has a great sense of humor which makes her readings fun and joyful. The sessions are filled with uplifting messages from divine and I am very grateful for having met her in this lifetime. - Jessica

"I have worked with Gina and the Hi Hos since 2001 and every moment has been a treasure.  I consider it sacred time.  The transmissions come through very clear and heart centered.  I record and replay each session with the intention of learning what Gina and the Hi Hos, her guides, are relating to me.  It is a cosmic mentorship of sorts.  I know I have grown much in the last 16 years and the sessions reflect that.  Everything is a reflection.

Gina has a way of relating what she is receiving in such a gentle way that you never feel judgement…..there is a humor entwined that can lighten any message…always a giggle.  Gina has access to the Akashic records and can bring forward information from past lives that can shed Light if necessary on this lifetime.  There is soooo much Love and wisdom infused.  I look forward to each session with a list of questions I have created and they are always answered….no matter how mystical they might be.  Gina never seems to be in a hurry in her time with you.  Eager to be sure you are content with the information, she will continue to ask questions of the Hi Hos until satisfied all is complete.  The Love imparted through her and the guides is  precious beyond words. 

Gina’s animal communication is another gift.  She helped me greatly during the passing of one of our two kittys several years ago and today helps with the communication of some feral cats on the property we are living.  She is a true animal lover.  Her compassion flows to both animals and the divine beings of Light that we are.  I always find our sessions uplifting with a sense of gratitude of who I AM and my reason for being here.  Thank you Gina.  Thank you Hi Hos.  xoxoxox" - Chris O.

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