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Channeler - Psychic

In a reading, higher spiritual guidance is channeled through to help you answer the questions you have about your life. During a reading Gina does not use any cards. Along with channeled guidance, Gina clairvoyantly and psychically receives information in regards to your questions. She may also be guided to read your aura as well.

The information brought forth in a reading can reflect the deeper soul level of your being. Higher guidance gives you an expanded view of the situation as things are not always as they seem.

The readings are intended to help you understand the why’s and how’s of what’s happening in your life. The information that comes through may not always be the exact answers you are expecting, but will give you the information you need to make powerful choices to bring about the best outcome in any given situation.

The guides come through with much humor, love, and positive energies to assist you in truly opening your being to the highest potential, clarity, and conscious awareness. Higher spiritual guidance brings forth the information that is most beneficial for your souls growth at this time. 

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